Billder is the ideal tool for creating your estimates and invoices in a few clicks.

Encode your data only once.

Client information are managed from a central place, as well as your catalogue.

Your catalogue contains the reference of all your products and services, that you can then use on your estimates and invoices.

Add several contact persons on each client.

Quickly import your existing client listing and/or catalogue from a CSV file.

Tag your clients according to the criteria which are relevant for you.

Quickly create your estimates from your catalogue or by manually creating entries.

Send them by email to your clients directly from Billder ou download them as PDF for printing.

Follow the status of you estimates: Draft, Ready, Sent, Rejected, Accepted, Invoiced.

As soon as the estimate has been accepted, you can create the corresponding invoice or an advance invoice.

Duplicate an existing estimate very easily to create a new similar one.

Invoice your estimates or create invoices manually.

Create invoices from your catalogue or by adding free entries.

Invoice your estimates directly, once accepted. You can invoice one or several advances, invoice some items of your estimate and postpone the others for later, split an item in order to invoice it in several times, add some items not listed in the original estimate, etc.

Send invoices by email directly from Billder or download them as PDF for printing.

Follow the status of your invoices: Draft, Ready, Sent, Reminder, Paid.

Log received payments with the date and the amount in case of an incorrect or partial payment.

Export a PDF listing of all pending invoices for a given client.

Create a credit note in one click to cancel an entire invoice or a part of it.

Prepare your recurring invoices for subscriptions or deposits with fixed due dates (weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc.). These invoices can also be automatically sent by email.

Export to your accounting software. Supported softwares: BOB 50, Winbooks On Web and JVSoft. Others are yet to come...

Don't loose time sending reminders thanks to the automatic reminder system, entirely configurable and with several levels of reminders. You decide whether the reminders should be directly sent to the client or if a manual validation is required.

Analyze your activity through the reports.

Simple, complete and exportable reports.

You can display :

  • the turnover
  • the purchases
  • the gross margin

And aggregate them :

  • by year
  • by month
  • by country
  • by client
... this as well in rows as in columns

And filter the considered data according to :

  • the period
  • the invoice status
  • the client tags
  • the clients